Welcome to the WI Moodle, the training and resource site for the National Federation of Women's Institutes

How to become a Moodle user?

To receive a Moodle user account you need to contact your Membership Communication System(MCS) Rep.

This is the person in your WI who updates your membership records.
If you're not familiar with who she is please ask in your WI/ President of TGWI  or contact your Federation Secretary The MCS Rep will register you. 

You should receive an auto-generated email. You might even receive 2 emails. 
The email should contain a link to the WI Moodle.  The email should also show your user name and password.

If you do not receive  email/s within 12 hours please email witrainingadmin@witraining.org.uk. 


Behind the door of 104A look behind the scenes at 104 New Kings Road - the National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) head office

Click on the link to 104A on the WI Moodle site.

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