TGWI History

TGWI was founded in 1960

Just to give a little background information - this was, in fact, the second Women's Institute in
Virginia Water.  It was set up to accommodate the arrival of many young women into the area following the new housing development in Trumps Green.
As many of these women had young and growing families, the WI held evening meetings to work around their needs.

For an annual subscription of 3/6d, members were offered opportunities, then as now, to form new friendships and discover new interests. 50 years ago members participated in craft classes and outings.  There was a thriving musical and drama section and a choir!

The WI had a serious side to it too.  An interest in local environmental issues led to campaigns to protect against the widening of the M25 and the dumping of  waste locally.  And Trumps Green WI  a successfully campaigned  to for  a footpath in Crown Lane.  They were a group of ladies not be underestimated!

In our Photo Album we have photos and artifacts from the past 50 years, the minutes of 50 years ago, the photos of original members and an Album put together  for our 25th Anniversary, recording the events in the local community 25 years ago.

We thank Bernice Leutchford, Our Founder President, in recognition of her foresight in seeing the need for a second WI, in the Virginia Water area, to cater for so many new members of our community.

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