Monthly Reviews

We try to write a review of each month, with a photo, or two. It doesn't always happen, but when it does they will be included here!

Review of October 2018

The ladies of Trumps Green WI were 'dressed to impress' on a mild October evening, ready to celebrate their 58th birthday. 

A glass of wine welcomed the members, the tables were set with a Halloween theme, pumpkins glowed on the tables. Sally, from 'Good Cooks' had provided us with Autumn Chicken with creamy mash potatoes, followed by a delicious lemon cheese cake. The committee served the members, it was a very social evening, with lots of laughter echoing around the hall. Good food, good company, a happy celebration of 58 years of Trumps Green WI. Here's to many more!

Review of September 2018

After a summer break, the ladies of Trumps Green WI met on a warm September evening to welcome Matt Fisher, and his wife Maria. Matt joined us to talk about Walking With The Wounded, a charity that supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. At the heart of this journey is employment. 

Matt told his story with humour and name dropped Prince Harry a couple of times! He is a Patron of the charity and supports them on expeditions.  

In 2009 Matt was a soldier with the 3rd Battalion The Rifles in Afghanistan. On Boxing Day they were out on patrol when he was shot in the foot. Once evacuated home to the UK, after numerous operations, he spent a year trying to walk again. Having no heel made this very difficult, so he made the decision to amputate his left leg below the knee. In 2015 Matt took part in the Walk of Britain, walking a 1,000 miles across Britain over a period of 72 days. He has just returned from managing the Walk of America.

Maria, Matt's wife, is an Ambassador for Walking with the wounded. She explained about the fund raising they do and how the charity gave Matt a purpose when his beloved Army career ended. We all agreed Matt was a truly inspirational speaker.

The photo below is of Matt Fisher, talking about Walking with the Wounded in September 2018

Review of May 2018

The ladies at the May meeting of Trumps Green WI had a very busy and interesting few hours. 

We discussed 'Mental health matters', the one resolution selected to go forward to the final vote at the Annual Meeting in Cardiff. Then our President, Steph, welcomed Hellen & Maria, founders of Daughters of the Soil. They told us how they developed and now produce natural skincare products from ingredients sourced in Africa. 

Appearing on Dragons Den was a nerve racking experience, but it helped them gain valuable publicity. In addition, they have set up a charity called 'Connect the DOTS', which will raise the standard of living, as well as protecting the income of women working in agriculture across Africa. They believe building a sustainable program will create a movement of ‘DOTS certified’ women farmers, trainers and leaders. They have no doubt in women backing women, which is why the unique training programme is run by and for women. We all agreed that sounded very much like the WI! 

Photo: From Left to Right: Maria Magembe, Steph Lillis and Hellen Lawuo-Meena

Review of April 2018

The ladies of Trumps Green WI welcomed Alyson Pel to their April meeting. Alyson has a very successful business hiring hats for every occasion from a studio in her home. 

She explained how she started her business over twenty years ago. Back then many shops had millinery sections, but over the years they have disappeared. Alyson has over 600 hats, she bought a small selection for us to try on. What surprised us all was that it's not just about finding the perfect hat, Alyson's job is a minefield of diplomacy and a little bit of therapy too!

The photo above is of Sonia Smith, TGWI secretary, trying on a hat with Alyson.

Review on March 2018

After the disappointment of snow stopping play for our February meeting, the ladies of Trumps Green WI were looking forward to meeting up to enjoy a talk by International cheese judge and 2011 Cheese Personality of the Year, John Pearson. 

John's talk was titled 'Blessed are the Cheesemakers', it described some of his encounters with suppliers, impossible customers and concluded with a short tutored cheese tasting of three very different cheddar cheeses. John was very amusing, he entertained & educated us - throw cheese into the evening & you can't go wrong! He is not in the handbook but with his agreement I have passed his details to the Surrey Federation. 

Photograph L-R
Steph Lillis, John Pearson, Bernie Jarvis, Mary Wildsmith

Review of January 2018

Trumps Green WI kicked off the new year on a chilly, damp evening. Two of our committee were in sunnier climes, so Christine, our Vice President, chaired the meeting. Our first job was consider the five resolutions, we then selected the one we would like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the Annual Meeting in June.

Carole Whatnall, Scheme Manager at Home-Start, talked to us, then showed a very moving film about the work of the charity. Volunteers help families with young children deal with the challenges they face. They support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children. They do a wonderful job, but always need volunteers and donations. 

Carol Whatnall in the centre, with her colleague Nikki on the left. Christine Arthur, TGWI Vice President in on the right.

Review of December 2017

Trumps Green WI's last meeting of 2017 was on December 20th, we were all in our Christmas jumpers & full of Christmas Spirit - well, mulled wine!

The English Shuffleboard Company set up their shuffleboards, the teams were set, and the Competition began. It was great fun & surprising how competitive we all became. 

Everyone had a turn & the winners were announced. Steph, our President presented the prizes and Adrian & Colin joined the team photo. It was an enjoyable evening and some ladies certainly had the knack - future World Champions perhaps?! 

Shove ha'penny practice!

Discussing tactics

Congratulations to the WINNERS in the Shove Ha’penny Championships! Thanks to Adrian & Colin for running the evening for us. Good fun!

Congratulations to the Runners up in the Shove ha’penny championships!

Review of June 2017

Trumps Green WI's June meeting saw the ladies & two men (it was an open meeting) welcome Tom Way, a very talented local photographer. Tom is self taught, but has a natural eye and captures the character of his wildlife subjects. He has been won awards in various competitions with his most recent success being the European Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2016, with his image of two lions. 

Tom was an excellent speaker, explaining the story behind each photograph & the patience he must have to capture it. His wonderful water vole photograph resulted in ice cold water filling up his chest waders - in January! 

Tom was so well received we have invited him back next year for part two of his talks, this time we are joining him in Africa. 

Here is our President, Steph Lillis with Tom Way

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