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Posted by Judith Hemmings on 11/02/2017   Email

I am currently at a WI Moodle Worksop so thought I would look you up while finding my way around the WI site. I am now with North Yorkshire East federation - Tholthorpe with dual membership to Easingwold. Really not as go ahead as you guys. It's a completely different environment with each village having their own WI so not the size of membership to make and get things to happen. Very happy here in the north enjoying family times and I don't miss the traffic around where you are! Wishing you all well and sending love.

Posted by Anne van Vliet on 25/07/2013   Email

We saw your scarecrow at Wisley yesterday. She's ravishing! Well done.

Posted by Anne van Vliet on 03/11/2012   Email

Hello Trumps Green! How's your WI going. In Dormans Evening we are doing great. Maybe some of us will pop over to meet you sometime.

Posted by Ness Thomson on 29/11/2011

Great Website!

Posted by Daphne on 15/09/2011

Hello Annette. Clever you. Well done. You have given me food for thought. Thanks for the information. Daphne Lots going on

Posted by Lorna Wilkes on 29/06/2011   Email

Hi Trups Grren - you just sent me a 'tweet' and I referred you to our website (as I don't use twitter very often)....so I thought I'd have a look at yours.... it's very interesting ... Keep in touch! Lorna W

Posted by Peter on 05/06/2011   Email

Good Web site, - well done

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