Have a go at creating a Twiddle Sleeve
There is no right or wrong way of creating a twiddle sleeve. The aim of each one is to create something that will keep hand busy “remembering”. It is known that many patients suffering from dementia often find comfort in having something for their hands to do. Knowing that these interactive textiles can help it is important that different textures and embellishments are used as possible.

Things to consider:

Think about the different texture of wool, so pull together different thicknesses, pure wool, cottons and try really feel them before you use them
Colour is important, bright cheerful colours are great, but think about contrasting colours as well. Mixing in a really bold colour amongst a muted pallet of colours will draw the eye.
Consider the inside and the outside of the piece; attach buttons, hooks, pom poms to both sides.
Think about soft and smooth versus hard, rough or bumpy textures.
Consider changing your stitches, mixing up knit and purl stitches can provide some really interesting patterns and textures.
Make groves for fingers to run up and down or create holes to insert ribbon or lace, this provides texture for inside and out
You can create your own original twiddle sleeve, but do see the pattern below as an example
Consider adding a smell to your sleeve, a small fabric parcel attached with a popper so that it can be changed/washed is a good idea, you can insert lavender or scented rice if you wish.

Pattern/guidelines to recreate the above Twiddle Sleeve

You will need:
Size 6 or 8 knitting needles
Selection of wools from DK, cotton and super fine
Selection of ribbons, buttons, name tags, length of pom pom trim, felt and poppers
Cast on 70 stitches
Knit 16 row of rib in a DK wool (K2, P2)
Row 17 change colour and K for the next 6 row
Row 23 change colour and knit 16 rows in stocking stitch (Knit one row, Purl one row)
Row 39 change colour knit 3 rows (Note you could insert eyelets here is you wish to insert ribbons)
Row 42 purl
Row 43 knit
Row 44 purl
Row 45 knit
Row 46 knit
Row 47 Change colour and knit the next 16 rows in stocking stitch
Row 63 & 64 Knit a contrasting colour (in this case bright pink in DK)
Row 65 Change colour and knit 5 rows in stocking stitch
Row 70 continue in the same colour and knit for 14 rows
Row 84 K
Row 85 P
Row 86 K
Row 87 P
Row 88 Change colour and knit in rib for 6 rows
Row 94 Change colour and knit for the 8 Rows
Row 102 Change colour and continue in stocking stitch for the next 6 rows
Row 108 Change colour and continue in rib for the next 8 rows
Cast off

Copied from the WI Moodle site 

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